How to connect to TVexpat

The easiest way to connect to TVexpat is just download our Windows dialer. Follow the simple on screen instructions and you will be connected in minutes - it really is that simple. Just fill in your username and password you received in your subscription confirmation email. In the properties window you can select one of our UK servers.


The downloadable TVexpat desktop dialer below isn't compatible with 64bit Windows operating systems i.e Windows7,  8,  Mac or Linux. If you are using a Windows 7 or 8 or a Mac or a PC running LInux please follow the manual set up instructions below as the automatic 'Download Now' isn't suitable for your operating system.

This dialer is compatible with Windows 10 so if you have a Windows 10 PC it will work for your PC. 

Download Dialer

Simply connect to the "Main Server" using your login details that you received via mail to start using TVexpat.


IMPORTANT : iOs 10 updated in September 2016 has dropped PPTP from the connectivity protocol options. This is not a problem for TVexpat as you can select L2TP over IPSec and under the field 'Machine authentication' enter Shared Secret "12345678". 

If you wish to setup your connection manually or are using a 64bit Windows (For operating systems, Windows7, 8,OR 10, Mac or Linux) If you are using one of these sytems please follow the relevant setup guide below.

If you have any questions about the setup of your TVexpat account, don't hesitate to mail us anytime.


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